Learn Android Retrofit Multipart and MySQL Full App Creation(Java)

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About Course

Learn Android Retrofit MySQL multipart CRUD requests in java by creating a full android application.


This app will teach you the following:

  1. Andorid Retrofit
  2. Multipart Requests
  3. Full CRUD Functionality
  4. Search and pagination.
  5. Full App creation with several pages.

Teaching method:

  1. Step by step from start to finish.
  2. Realtime coding.
  3. Emulator demo in each and every lesson.

What Will I Learn?

  • Making HTTP requests from an android app
  • Connecting Android app to MySQL Database via PHP
  • Uploading Images and Text
  • Full CRUD Functionality
  • Server side search and filter
  • Fast Database-level pagination
  • Full App Development with several pages

Topics for this course

27 Lessons02h 08m

Start Here?

Let's start by looking at the project overview and also how to load, build and run the project.
Application structure00:06:22
How to Load the Project00:02:41
How to Build, Run and Publish the Project00:02:27


In this section we will look at our gradle scripts, what they are and their role with respect to our app.

App Resources?

In this section we look at our app resources, e.g value resources, drawables etc.

UI Design?

Our user interface design using XML.

General Utilities?

General re-usable utility methods

RecyclerView Adapter?

Create our recyclerview adapter

Base classes?

Our base classes so that we take advantage of inheritance.

Upload Activity?

Upload to mysql, update and delete

Listing Activity?

Download data from the server and page them

About the instructor

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Material Includes

  • Full Java Code
  • Full PHP Code
  • Video Tutorials


  • Be able to use android studio

Target Audience

  • Developers and students who want to learn android php mysql development using Java.